About ONE



I am Brian Nastovski CEO and Founder of ONE Carbon Bicycles™ and Wheels

Since the beginning everything we set out to do will and has challenged the status quo. We believe in thinking differently and align ourselves with companies like us as we design and manufacture. The way in which we challenge the status quo is by making our products beautifully designed with pleasing color combinations, great group sets and factory direct affordability.

We happen to make ONE great bicycle want to buy ONE?

ONE Carbon Bicycles™ started at my kitchen table in November of 2013. With a wish to bring factory direct pricing with high-end quality carbon bikes and wheels matched with top of the line manufactures like Shimano, SRAM, Campy, Rock Shox, FOX, Magura, FSA, Fizik and Cane Creek,DT Swiss and Chris King to name a few.

ONE Carbon Bicycles™ is an American Company that sells at factory direct pricing to the public via our online store. www.one.bike. This allows us to bring you a lower pricing model while not jeopardizing quality as it stays high and all without the overhead cost of a brick and mortar store. Our time frame is approx. 7-9 weeks from order to your door for complete builds and our wheels 4-6 weeks depending on stock and custom type. Our ONE carbon frames and wheels are  100% hand-made by some of the best carbon lay-up artist using the equipment necessary to bring outstanding results. We live our values, ideas and passion for cycling daily here in the USA. We assemble and inspect all frames, wheels and complete bike builds right here at home in Virginia.

How do we get the LOW pricing model to you? Envision if you will the Manhattan N.Y. sky line, this is what the BIG brand bike companies expenses look like. They have Realestate cost, middle man cost, massive shipping costs,huge advertising costs,distribution chain costs,engineers on staff,bike shops all over the country which requires regional reps for the BIG companies to control stock and distribution. They have massive recalls and warranty claims and liability insurance policy premiums. All of this adds up to YOU the consumer paying for this in the price of the bike. Now envision ONE Carbon Bicycles™ as this little village over in Europe we do all of our business using virtual engineers and sales staff we have NO huge idle inventory we have to push on stores to sale. We have NO massive distribution center as we pack and ship direct to you from our shop in Virginia. We have structured our company using the hub and spoke concept.Our holding company ONE Carbon Sporting Goods is the hub and all of the products we make are the spokes. We use great local bike and wheel builders that have many years of experience and training by top manufacturers like Shimano, Sram and Campy  to keep the process hands on and while not compromising quality. We are NOT a MASS producer of frames and rims we are a producer of 100% hand build carbon frames and rims that keeps quality our TOP priority. So with their city and our village you can now see how ONE Carbon Bicycles™ delivers a quality low-priced carbon product to you and still be able to make money to slowly grow our company to better support you.

For those looking to get into great shape riding ONE great carbon bike then look no further. With the top group sets being used on our bikes like Campagnolo Super Record EPS series and mechanical Campagnolo series we will set you apart from other riders. Our Top Shimano Ultegra and Dura Ace and others like our SRAM group-sets RED22, FORCE22 and Rival mechanical for our Road and for our Mountain Series SRAM XO1 and XX1 down to X9 and X7 are sure to bring you ONE awesome riding experience. By allowing you to customize your riding experience and not locking you into a bike combo we built like the others do, you save money since you are building it the way you want right from the start and not having change outs. You can choose an economic route for your budget with an aluminum wheel set and less expensive equipment or pick some of the top of the line equipment when building a complete bike using our easy to use drop down menu in our store.

When it comes to our wheels you pick between several companies offered for hubs. Then use the drop down function to pick type of hub,spoke count and hub color to name a few. We have so many options it’s impossible to list the weight of each configuration. Instead we give you the weight of each part so YOU can decide what configuration is best suits your needs. Our custom wheel orders made by a local master builder has years of experience building thousands of wheels for all types of riding disciplines. Our wheels are non proprietary and 100 percent serviceable by your local shop. So if you have a spoke issue no problem we use J bend type or straight pull Sapim spokes. With serviceability,quality and a light wheel weight ONE Carbon Wheels™ is a wheel for life.

It’s your bike OUR brand “Ride ONE for life and feel and SEE the difference” If you are not falling you’re not trying hard enough. Coming in on an average weight class of 16 pounds 6oz with our 57CM frame with Shimano Dura Ace Di2 electronic group set you will be the talk of the town on ONE of our bikes. Anyone that crashes and cracks a ONE Carbon frame will get a frame replacement fee of up to 70 percent of the price you paid that’s our promise. Buy another frame from us and get 70 percent off that simple. ONE Carbon Bike™ frames comes with a LIFETIME warranty!  Our carbon wheel line GALAL™ comes with a two-year warranty and the hubs per the manufactures warranty. All of this to give you a lifetime of riding pleasure both in leisure and competitive riding styles.

ONE Carbon Bicycles™ also came from the passion I have for cycling and what it has done to change my life forever. I dropped close to 100 pounds and staved off depression and anxiety from a life-changing event called divorce using a road bike. Riding brings families and communities together and new friendships will be born. ONE Carbon Bicycles™ dream is now a reality that you can share.  

I want to inspire all of you reading this to ride and enjoy the great outdoors to change the way you think about yourself and love life the way it was supposed to be. “You have what it takes and you are a winner”

Our Next Expedition together awaits you on ONE great bike.

In His Strength,



Brian Nastovski

CEO and Founder ONE Carbon Bicycles™